Featured Speakers

Alternative Compounds for Insect Repellency and Toxicity

Roger A Laine
Louisiana State University, United States
Plants, Diseases, Management

Integrated Management of Soil Fertility and Land Resources in Sub-Saharan Africa: Involving Local Communities

Vincent Boubie Bado
Land Use and Environmental Considerations

TEKNOAX 2.0 will bring intelligence onto axles in agricultural trailers, enabling unique traceability, performance monitoring and condition based maintenance through a collaborative platform

Filippo Noris
ADR. S.p.A., Italy
Farming and Innovative Technologies

The impact of glyphosate-resistant sugar beet

Don Morishita
University of Idaho, United States
Agroecosystems and Society

Exogenous 5-aminolevulinic acid (ALA) improved root morphogenesis and Na+ subcellular distribution of cucumber seedlings under NaCl stress

Yue Wu
Gansu Agricultural University, China
Agronomy and Crop Science

Global Photosynthesis and Climate Change

Ulrich Kutschera
University of Kassel, Germany
Agroecosystems and Society


Abdul Khalil Gardezi
Colegio de Postgraduados en Ciencias Agrícolas,, Mexico
Land Use and Environmental Considerations

Sustainable agriculture, institutional innovations and gender

Bina Agarwal
School of Environment, Education and Development, UK
Agroecosystems and Society

Forage –Based Sustainable Year-Round Beef Production of High Quality Beef

Pat Bagley
Tennessee Tech University, United States
Crop, Livestock and Landscape Diversities

15N Technique for Determinnig Nitrogren Uptake Efficiency in Different Agricultural Production Systems

Rao Mylavarapu
University of Florida, United States
Agronomy and Crop Science

A variable surface resistance approach to estimating maize actual evapotranspiration

Colorado State University, United States
Soil and Water Management

Identification of suitable animal welfare assessment measures for extensive beef systems in New Zealand

Y. Baby Kaurivi
Massey University, New zealand
Agricultural Production and Food Safety

Development of transgenic tomato immunity to PepMV and TYLCV by gene silencing approach

Diana Leibman
ARO Volcani center, Israel
GM and Gene Editing in Agriculture

Luis Alleoni 
University of São Paulo,, Brazil

Comparison vegetation indices from different sensors for monitoring grain yield and yield related traits in maize (Zea mays L.)

Natasa Ljubicic
BioSense Institute, University of Novi Sad, Serbia
Agronomy and Crop Science

Molecular dissection of bacterial speck disease resistance in tomato

Fangming Xiao
University of Idaho, United States
Plants, Diseases, Managements

Changing agriculture in the andian countries:adaption to new challenges&global markets

Jaime Malaga
Texas Tech University, United States

Roles of grassland in agriculture – food security and other ecosystem services

Goetz MichaelRichter
Rothamsted Research, UK
Land Use and Environmental Considerations

Estimating nitrogen status of table grapes through aerial multi spectral imaging

Alireza Pourreza
University of California, Davis, United States
Precision Agriculture

Integrating diversified farming and food systems: the case for underutilised crops

Maysoun Mustafa
Crops For the Future, Malaysia
Integrated Food and Farming Systems

The cryo-program at the International Potato Center (CIP): 2013

Rainer Vollmer
International Potato Center, Peru
Agricultural Production and Food Safety

Phytoaccumulation of Copper from Irrigation Water and Its Effect on the Internal Structure of Lettuce

Safwan Shiyab
The University of Jordan,Jordan, jordan
Agricultural waste management

Short- and long-term feeding trials with transgenic maize: GMO-tracing, effects on expression pattern in animal tissues, and risk assessment

Ralf Einspanier
Freie Universitaet Berlin, Germany

Film mulched furrow-ridge water harvesting planting improves agronomic productivity and water use efficiency in Rainfed Areas

Tinglu Fan
Gansu Academy of Agricultural Sciences, china

Ancient barley landraces adapted to marginal soils demonstrate exceptional tolerance to manganese limitation

Timothy George
The James Hutton Institute, UK
Agronomy and Crop Science

Building resilience into agricultural systems in sub-Saharan Africa through improvement in soil structure

Samuel Eze
University of Leeds, United kingdom
Land Use and Environmental Considerations

Essential oil from Curcuma longa leaves: a effective by-product for myiasis control

Amanda Chaaban
Federal Institute of Education Science and Technology of Santa Catarina, BRAZIL, Brazil
Ecological Insect and Weed Management

The integration of sustainable and climate responsivess practices into the agricultural curricula of South Africa.

Wilma van Staden
Rhodes University, South Africa
Sustainable Agriculture Education

Sustainable agriculture as a key to enter the new world of farming :

Behzad Sani
Shahre Qods Branch,Islamic Azad University,Tehran, Iran
Sustainable Agriculture Education

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